Can you get coordinates on the Xbox Edition?

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Question: Does the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft have a way to see your coordinates?

Answer: No. Currently there is no way to see your coordinates on the Xbox version.


Can you get coordinates on the Xbox Edition?, 2.6 out of 5 based on 9 ratings

  • MineCraftHelper

    What Seed Is This?

  • Jax19

    is there a hunger games seed

    • Trinity Thomas


  • Wetherboy518

    yes now there is

  • Bradley Byng

    how do u get coco beans i cant seam to find any at all?

    • Frexroat

      you find them at a mob spawner

  • BCKansas00

    YES when you are looking at a map it says at the top of the paper.

  • Uke Aliaj

    Will there be enchantment tabels on the next uptade(1.8.2)?

  • Trinity Thomas

    can u like have villigers or do u like have to git a add on
    for the animals?

  • Sean Wolschleger

    if u look at your map there are coordinates!

  • joel viljanen

    when minecraft xbox360 edition get a 1,8 version?

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