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Seed: 404

So you’re up for a challenge? Well I really hope you are, because what lies ahead is one of the most treacherous naturally generated minecraft seeds of all time. Known as the “404 challenge” this seed became well known because of the huge cave you enter by falling down along with a ton of Gravel. unfortunately the rest of the world is not very interesting.

You will spawn in an area hopefully near a large body of water. Make your way to a large patch of gravel that looks like the picture below. Prepare yourself (you have until nightfall to gather your required materials), and then dig the gravel to descend.

Then survive for as long as you can >:D

Good Luck! (you'll need it)

404, 3.9 out of 5 based on 141 ratings

  • Bob john

    Got Out In 5 minutes

  • Lol

    My friend didnt know what the 404 challenge was, so i told him to stand on the gravel and i made it collapse from underneath him.

  • Wjfgiggem

    It spawned me in a forest next to a snow forest near a village with a mooshroom island next to the village….

  • Notch

    Weird. I spawned near a snow biome and didn’t find a sand biome but I did find several deep holes.❔

  • jay

    i spawned near a forest not sand and it was snowy i looked all over the world but i couldent find any gravel on a sandy land

  • inessa

    My brother searched the whole map and could not find the gravel area..

  • Sam

    This map is weird strange and is bull crap

  • Andy Racheter-Arsenault

    I spawned in a forest

  • connor

    fucking shit this don’t work it only works on pc mode

  • connor

    fucking shit this don’t work it only works on pc mode

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