Wolf – Ice Seed

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Seed: Wolf (Capitalize W)

If you were looking for a frozen wasteland for a Minecraft world, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m not even going to say anything, just look.

Oh, and you’ll have to let me know in the comments if you find any wolves, I found a pack of 5 right by spawn 😀

Wolf - Ice Seed, 4.2 out of 5 based on 125 ratings

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/37VLEBBL4CBJMGN6COKJB2OSRY Nicholas Price

    Hi! I actually did this seed as well a while back, going for the achievement… I saw many wolves at spawn but then decided to make a shelter. I lost sight of ALL wolves. My friend had found 4 while i was building. I could not find ANY for the life of me. I decided to wander about the map. At the top right corner of the map is a small island, about 6×10 blocks wide (not even that large), and I had found about 9 wolves on that little island. I hope you may have the same luck as me.

  • Idontknow

    cant find any

  • Anonomous

    This world is not to practicall for building-because it’s so snowy, but there is an island that is green, and flat. There are other green spaces too. Mostly this world has sooo many animal, everywhere you look there is one!

  • Benblesi

    3 hours i could only find one wolf and i think he is retarded

  • lolp

    Where’s all the ice can’t find any wolfs and who are the weird potato head looking things

  • David Suarez

    i saw over a 1,000 wolves when i spawned!!! 🙂 . it was fliping awsome!!!!!!but attakin them was a bad idea :[ .heres some pictures of what i saw!!!!i made up names for some wolves on one of the pictures!!,so check them out!!!!!

  • looking

    Ok cant find ice or wolves

  • joseph

    is this ok?

  • joseph

    is this ok?

  • joseph


    • Benjamin Bouck

      It does not work

    • Benjamin Bouck

      It does not work

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